Beasley  -$300

DOB 8/19/22

Beasley is a super sweet and loving boy. He is, however, a little shy around people he doesn't know and will take some time to get him to warm up to you. He is on the smaller side, so once he warms up to you, he'll make a great active companion and cuddle buddy

Goose  -$400

DOB 3/31/22

Goose is a nice dog and a good boy. He really likes people and likes to be doing what you are doing. He walks on a leash well because he just wants to be with you. Crate trained and uses a dog door. Previously he was not to keen with toddlers, but we have been to the park and he doesn't seem to mind them. A little shy with people at first but warms up quickly

Forest  -$400

DOB 6/2/22

Forest is a super active little guy. He likes poeple and has a real eye for livestock. He is used to crates and dog doors. Should make a great sport dog or excellent active companion. 

Simon  -$350

DOB 11/19/2022

Simon is a very nice boy. He is very active, but what he really likes best is people and being petted. He is walking well on a leash. He is crated trained and used to a dog door. He seems to like kids, especially when they pet him. He is a little shy in new situations and you would need to bond with him before taking him too many places

Remus  -$400

DOB 2/24/22

Remus is a super sweet silly boy. He loves people and is very active. He seems ok with strangers and is good with other dogs. Crate trained and knows how to use a dog door. He is leash trained, and actually follows me off leash. He likes being where I am. 

Falcon  -$400

DOB 6/2/22

Falcon is a very gorgeous boy. He is traditionally marked and very active. He absolutely loves toys and he really loves people. He is familiar with a crate and a dog door. He is an absolutely delightful puppy. 

Feel the Force Border Collies

Milan  -$400

DOB 1/31/22

Milan is a super wonderful puppy that absolutely loves toys and loves to play. He is all about toys for sure. He has got quite a bit of drive, and would excel at sports. He would also make a wonderful hiking or active companion. Familiar with a dog door, leash trained, crate trained.

Bledsoe  -$400

DOB 8/19/22

Super duper sweet boy. He has the coolest curly hair. He loves people and he is very sweet. He also is very interested in the water and loves to play in it.  He will make someone a wonderful companion! He is a great pup.

Paul -$350

DOB 11/19/2022

Paul is a little shy and super sweet. He loves people, and seems to be ok with kids and strangers. He's a little shy at first but he warms up to people pretty quickly. He loves puppies and they love him!! Hes crate trained and uses a dog door. He is also pretty good at walking on a leash‚Äč